Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is an awesome adventure game that takes you to different lands. Let's see how wonderful these lands are and be careful with dangers.

This game is the lite version of Geometry Dash which is available on the web browser. You can use your PC or mobile device to play this game for free without downloading.

Choose between two game modes in Geometry Dash Lite

At the start of the game, you must select the Normal Mode or the Practice Mode. If you are wondering what is the difference between these game modes, here is the answer.

Captivating gameplay of Geometry Dash Lite

Discover different lands

If you are keen on traveling, this game is an opportunity for you to explore many wonderful lands. However, these lands also have many dangers that can hurt you and stop you from reaching your destination. These hazards are the unlimited number of spiky traps, super high walls, rotating buzzsaws, and dark rivers. These deadly traps are everywhere on the land. You can easily hit them if you are uncareful or distracted a little bit. Therefore, I advise you to pay a high concentration when playing this game. One more important tip is to practice your quick reflexes to control the character to jump in time to dodge the obstacles.

Moreover, remember that the only collectible item along the way is the gold coins. Three coins are hidden in each land. Therefore, you must figure them out and collect them. You must gather as many coins as possible because you can use these coins to unlock new characters or icons.

Enter different portals

During the adventure, you will continuously enter different portals. These portals will have different special effects. They can change your speed, size, gravity, and even appearance. Here is the list of portals that you should remember.

How to control


Press the spacebar or an up arrow key or click the left mouse button to jump.

Use a Z key to add checkpoints.

Press an X key to remove checkpoints.


Press on the screen to jump.

Challenge yourself with all levels in Geometry Dash Lite

This lite version offers all levels, so you can choose one of them to play. Note that all levels in this game are unlocked and available for gameplay. In general, all levels in this game are classified into 5 types.

Easy and normal levels

The first one is easy levels which are designed for beginners. There are only two easy levels in this game.

Additionally, you can play normal levels which are a little bit harder.

Hard and harder levels

If you master all skills, I recommend you play the hard levels.

Furthermore, this game offers harder levels which will have more hazards during the adventure.

Insane levels

When speaking about the most challenging levels in this game, Insane Levels are the best choices. There are 6 Insane Levels that you can choose from.

The rewards and achievements in Geometry Dash Lite

The rewards

If you can beat any level when playing the Normal Mode, you will get many stars. These stars can be used to unlock new characters, cool icons, and achievements. Therefore, you must try to earn as many stars as possible. You can earn a maximum of 126 stars.

The achievements

Besides stars, you can unlock many achievements if you can complete levels in this game.