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Fruit Ninja


Relax with the fun game

Fruit Ninja is a good entertainment where you can slash different fruits. These fruits will be thrown into the air and you just need to cut them in half.

Mindless gameplay

You don't need to spend much time to understand the mechanics of this game because its gameplay is as simple as Geometry Dash Lite. You just need to swipe the mouse or finger to slice fruits. You won't overthink or feel overwhelmed when you just need to slash the fruits in the air. This simplicity can be calming and help you relax.

Engaging visuals and sounds

The graphics are designed in 3D style, bringing you vibrant and colorful visuals. Moreover, the sound of slicing fruits creates a pleasing sensory experience. The great combination of visuals and sounds can satisfy any player.

Repetitive and rhythmic actions

Slicing fruits in Fruit Ninja involves repetitive actions rhythmically. The consistent motion of swiping and slicing can have a meditative effect, similar to activities like knitting or doodling. This repetitive motion can help you enter a relaxed state and clear your mind of other thoughts and distractions.

Fruit Ninja gameplay

You can play this game directly on the browsers thanks to HTML5 technology. Therefore, you can enjoy this fun game on mobile or PC. Now, let's see what you need to do in this game.

Objective of the game

You need to score as many points as possible in this game. You can even challenge your friends. Let's see who has the most points. You can track your score in the left corner of the screen. The game will not end until you slash the bomb or drop 3 bombs without slashing them. You should play this game on large screens so you can easily avoid the bombs.

Slash fruits

Fruits like pineapple, watermelon, apple, lemon, etc will be splashed on the screen. They will fall immediately afterward. You will cut them while they are still in the air. When these fruits are cut into pieces, you will receive a certain number of points. You need to avoid slashing at the bombs if you don't want to end the game. Make sure your blade only cuts fruit. You can also create combos to score more points. When you cut multiple fruits in a row, you can create combos. In addition, not cutting 3 or more fruits will also cause you to lose. Hope you have the best time with this game.