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Geometry Dash Breeze


Geometry Dash Breeze has an enchanting adventure with exciting rhythms and stunning visuals. This game has attracted many players due to its addictive nature.

The adventure in Geometry Dash Breeze

A square's journey to find a way out has begun in this game. You will have the opportunity to experience a series of challenges such as spikes, monsters, gears, etc. You need to follow the rhythm of the music to combine jumping, flying, and acrobatics to overcome these deadly traps. You have a chance to experience three levels in this game. In case you want to challenge your skills with more levels, it's better to choose Geometry Dash Lite. Now, let's learn more about them.

Over the Clouds

The name of this level shows its setting. Your character will soar through the sky which has a dreamy atmosphere, fluffy clouds and colorful rainbow. This is the easiest level in the game where the obstacles aren't too close together. Excited music can increase your sense of freedom in this aerial journey.

Into the Zone

This level is more fast-paced than the previous one. Instead of the air setting, you will be sent to the furniture where the technology is developed quickly. The neon and geometric pattern can bring a new experience to you. The number of obstacles in this game increase and the speed of the character is also quicker.

Ghost Ship

This level is only for the pro players because of its difficulty. The setting isn't as dreamy as the first level because you have to control the square on a ghost ship. The mist and eerie visuals can make you feel thrilled. Ghostly obstacles, shifting platforms, and mysterious elements are challenges in this level. You can practice your skill with the two above levels before entering this level.

Your missions in Geometry Dash Breeze

The main target of this game is to guide your character through the levels. You just need to steer the character to reach the destination to pass a level. Of course, you have to face tons of deadly traps on the way.

Navigate the character

Your character can only move forward without doing other actions. So, this game allows you to control the character's movements such as jumping or flying. You will use the jump or keep flying to avoid the dangers on the road or in the air. You must estimate the right time and accurate distance to have the correct jumps. Otherwise, the character is broken by the spikes.

Dodge the obstacles

The obstacles in this geometry dash game are really diverse. They can be the spikes, moving platforms, blades, and so on. They are very dangerous because anything can be destroyed by colliding them. Therefore, you must control the character to overcome them. You only have one chance to move from the start point to the destination. So, if you get one wrong move, you must restart at the beginning point.

Game control: Just click the left mouse button to play the game.