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Stickman Hook


Intro about the game

Stickman Hook is a popular physics-based jumping game. You need to get your character to the finish line while overcoming many dangers along the way.

The main character of this game is a stickman who swings through many locations using a rope. Your ultimate goal in each level is to reach the finish line safely to earn coins. If stickmen fall into space, you will lose. Don't let the main character disappear from the screen. Control your character skillfully to complete the levels in this game. You will encounter the stickman if you join the escape in Vex 7.

Stickman Hook mechanics

You control the Stickman by tapping and holding on the screen. When they tap, a rope is launched from the stickman's hand, and when they hold, the stickman swings forward. You need to swing the stickman from one hook to another and navigate through a series of obstacles. Each level presents a unique challenge, with different arrangements of hooks, platforms, and obstacles. Timing and precision are key to successfully completing each level and progressing to the next.

Unlock new skins

There are many beautiful skins for your character. They aren't available for you because you need to pass certain levels to unlock them. When the character uses different skins, he has different dances. I'm sure you may laugh when seeing his dance.

Some attractive features in Stickman Hook

  • This game has many levels for you to play. Therefore, you can improve your skills gradually. Of course, multiple levels won't cause the bore because the challenges of each level will change.
  • The game is designed with unique graphics. When you see the character and his skin, you can guess that it is Stickman Hook.
  • Simple control is suitable for all players, even children. You just need to click the left mouse button or tap on the screen to play this game.