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Geometry Dash Meltdown


The challenges in Geometry Dash Meltdown

Are you ready for impossible challenges in Geometry Dash Meltdown? This new version will take you to three mysterious lands, so explore them and collect coins.

Overcome obstacles

If you are keen on Geometry Dash Lite, do not miss taking a look at this new version. Its addictive gameplay is enough to keep you hooked for hours on end. Specifically, this game takes you to three lands which are The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airbone Robots. You will encounter many dangers in these lands, but I think they will not reduce your exploring desire. If you can overcome all spikes, buzzsaws, and monsters and reach this finish line safely, it means that you are the best adventurer. Are you ready to prove that? Do not forget to pay attention to jump pads and jump rings along the way. They are very useful because they can help you jump or fly higher. Moreover, the portals are also elements that make your adventure more interesting. After entering these portals, your appearance, speed, or gravity will alter dramatically.

Collect coins

Another challenge in this game is to collect the hidden coins along the way. In each land, you can find three coins. However, their positions are different. Note that you can unlock a new cube character after you collect enough three coins in each land. If you can gather enough 9 coins, three cube characters will be unlocked.

  • The Seven Seas: In this land, you can find the first coin at 22%. Then, after overcoming a ceiling obstacles, you will see the second coin at 37%. Finally, you must jump over the triple spike set at 80% to collect the third coin.
  • Viking Arena: The first coin appears at 44%, so you must escape from the giant monster and overcome a set of obstacles to collect this coin. Then, you can see the second coin at 55%. At this time, you must slide down onto a concealed platform to get this coin. Ultimately, the third coin emerges after you fly upward. It is located at 72% and below a moving platform. Try to pick up it.
  • Airborne Robots: You can find the first coin at 25%. To collect it, you need to jump up two pillars and evade all spikes along the way. Moreover, the second coin can be found at 67%. Take control of the ship to fly down and dodge the obstacles to pick up this coin. Finally, you should hit the jump ring to jump onto a high platform in which you can find the third coin.

How to control: Press the spacebar or click the left mouse button to jump or fly.

Additional information about Geometry Dash Lite

As you know, this is the new version of the Geometry Dash series. Unlike other versions, this game features distinct music and maps. Moreover, it offers limited achievements, icons, and collectibles. In fact, the degree of difficulty of the levels in this game is not too hard. Therefore, they are suitable for both newbies and experienced players. You can play it on the web browser and on both PC and mobile devices.