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Skibidi Toilets


Intense battle broke out in this game

Skibidi Toilets is a shooting game where you can use money to buy more teammates. You have to defeat the scary toilet monsters in this game.

Recently, fictional characters such as cameraman and Skibidi Toilets have become popular on social platforms. They are known to be enemies of each other. Now, they will attack each other in this game. Cameraman will be your ally to fight enemies. Use powerful weapons to destroy monsters in this game.

Knock out the Skibidi Toilets

Toilet monsters move around the city with their huge bodies. You need to destroy them quickly and avoid injury.

Aim and shoot at enemies

You can monitor the mini map on the screen to see if any enemies are moving towards you. You own many dangerous weapons, choose one of them to fight the enemy. Aim at these strange creatures and open fire. You can see their health bar gradually depleting after shots. You just need to destroy the specified number of monsters, then you will move to a new level.

Away from enemies

You should remember that the monsters in this game are also equipped with giant cannons. They will open fire as soon as they get close to you. Therefore, always look around to ensure safety. Attacking monsters from a distance is recommended. Don't let yourself get hurt!

How to become stronger in this game

Skibidi Toilets will become more and more crowded while you are alone. Even if you own powerful weapons, you will still encounter disadvantages. So, find yourself giant allies. They are the cameramen who will directly attack the monsters. At this time, you just need to be right by their side and support them. For more intense battles, you can visit Bacon May Die where you have to fight many wolves.