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Rodeo Stampede


Addictive gameplay of Rodeo Stampede

Let's play Rodeo Stampede to visit the Western farm. Play as a cowboy, try to catch different types of animals, and manage a big zoo to earn a lot of money.

Taming animals

Created by Featherweight Games, this mobile game will take you on a wild adventure. You will take on the role of a daring rodeo cowboy who is equipped with a lasso and has a fearless spirit. You will visit the Western farm where you will encounter many animals, ranging from zebras and elephants to ostriches and kangaroos. You are required to capture and catch as many animals as possible. To complete this objective, you must jump skillfully from one animal to another one whom you want to tame. Try to stay atop this animal for as long as possible to tame it.

Building and expanding the zoo

After taming many animals, you will start to build a zoo. Place the caught animals in designated enclosures within your zoo, creating a visually stunning and vibrant environment. Then, you can decorate your zoo with trees, rocks, and other decorative elements to make it more impressive. Finally, open your zoo and welcome many visitors to earn as much money as possible. You can use your money to upgrade your animals and unlock new decorative elements.


If you want to jump from one animal to another animal, you should hold the spacebar and then release it.

If you want to catch animals, you should press the spacebar.

Impressive features of Rodeo Stampede

Like Magic Cat Academy, the game's vibrant and colorful graphics are a feast for the eyes. The attention to detail in the animal designs and environments creates an immersive and visually stimulating experience. The lively animations and fluid movements of the animals add to the overall charm of the game. Furthermore, this game features a lively soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the gameplay, capturing the essence of the wild and adventurous spirit.