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Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse


The information of Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

Let's take part in a new adventure in the haunted house in Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse. Evade dangerous traps by jumping or flying over them.

This is a perfect combination of many gaming developers who are IcEDCave, EndLevel, River, Iris, DrCuber, CDMusic, and Brittank88. Because of this combination, the gameplay was made by different people. It features Extreme Demon Level. Like Geometry Dash Bloodlust, this new version offers a map that is full of deadly traps. Play this game now to explore this map.

Engaging gameplay of Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

Start your adventure

This adventure starts when you become a cube to jump over a few scattered spikes. This introductory segment serves as a warm-up, easing you into the mechanics of the game while setting the stage for the heart-pounding adventure to come. As the screen turns black, you are thrust into the next phase. Upon entering the normal-size cube segment, you encounter narrow-spread triple spikes and an orb timing mechanism. Navigating through this section requires precision and impeccable timing to avoid spikes and collect orbs. At the end of this segment, you catch a glimpse of the fearsome Clubstep monster, building anticipation for the challenges ahead. Transitioning from the cube, you find yourself in a ship section characterized by a straightforward flight path. This section demands swift reactions and fine control as you navigate through obstacles, dodge incoming hazards, and maintain your trajectory. The seamless transition intensifies the sense of progression within the game.

Entering the cube segment, you are confronted with narrow-spread triple spikes and the need to jump on top of pillars. This section tests your ability to make precise jumps while avoiding deadly spikes. Following this challenge, the game introduces a quadruple-speed wave section, where you must navigate a tight corridor, sliding on the top and bottom to dodge spikes. The combination of speed and control adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay experience. Continuing the journey, you transition back to a ship section featuring a long, straight flight path. Orchestrated with orbs and size changes, this section demands careful maneuvering and adaptability. The interplay of speed, orbs, and changing ship sizes keeps you engaged and on your toes.

Continue your adventure

Stepping into the next phase, you face a quadruple-speed tight wave with constant gravity and size changes. This section challenges your agility and reflexes as you navigate through a narrow space, making split-second decisions to avoid obstacles. The intense pace amplifies the thrill and excitement of the game. In a surprising twist, the wave section transforms into a mini-UFO, only to revert to its original form. This unexpected shift adds an element of unpredictability and keeps you engaged. Following this transformation, you encounter a ship section with a long and tightly confined flight path, which demands precise control and unwavering focus.

Continuing the adventure, you face a dual wave section, requiring them to control two waves simultaneously. This section tests your multitasking skills and coordination as you navigate through a complex pattern of obstacles. Subsequently, the game transitions to a tight mini-wave section, further challenging your ability to maneuver through tight spaces with finesse and accuracy. As the game's speed slows down, you find yourself back in a cube section. Taking control of a cube, you must overcome narrow-spread triple spikes and double spikes, showcasing your mastery of timing and precision. This section serves as a reminder of the skills acquired throughout the game, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression. In the climactic finale, the demon's face appears, signaling the beginning of the final wave section. you must skillfully control the wave, sliding on slopes to maintain momentum and reach the end of the game. This last challenge combines all the elements of speed, precision, and reflexes, providing a fitting conclusion to the thrilling journey.