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Racing Go


About Racing Go

Are you ready to start your driver career in Racing Go now? Let's race with many racers, escape from the police, or destroy other cars on the road.

Like Geometry Dash Bloodbath, this game also features many game modes. Here is the list of game modes that you can choose:

  • Daily Events: This event contains a hundred special online races. The more races you can win, the better prize you can get. Try your best to beat all challenges in this game mode.
  • Street Mining: In this game mode, you are allowed to select between three sub-game modes which are Endless, Free Ride, and Time Trial. Note that to play these game modes, you must have at least 4 experience points. In the Endless mode, you must race on an endless road, so your goal is to go as far as possible. Besides, the Free Ride mode also features an endless road. However, it does not require you to do anything. Finally, in the Time Trial mode, you must race as fast as possible before the time is over.
  • Car Series: In this game mode, you must complete 15 missions in many cities such as Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow, and so on.
  • Career: This game mode requires you to join many challenges such as racing with another player, escaping the police, or catching the racer within 60 seconds. Remember that if you want to catch the racer, you must drive your car to hit his car. Note that if you can complete a mission within the shortest time, you will be rewarded with three. There are a total of 40 missions in this game. If you can accomplish all your missions, you will become the most famous and best driver..
  • Takedown: In this game mode, your car is really strong. Therefore, you can confidently hit other cars on the road to destroy them. You will win if your opponents' vars flip.
  • Drag: Your mission in this game mode is to be the first one to reach the finish line to complete the challenge. There are a total of 15 challenges in this game. You must beat all of them to earn as many golds as possible.
  • Racing Online: If you choose this game mode, you will be matched with a random racer from all over the world. You must defeat this racer to prove that you are the best racer in the world.

How to control

Press the left or right keys to drive the car to move to the left or right.

Press an up arrow key to drive your car to go forward.

Press a down arrow key to decrease speed and stop.

Press the Shift key to activate the turbo to raise the speed.