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General information about Cuphead

Cuphead is a well-known action game in which you will play as a humanoid cup. You must help the Devil fight against bosses to collect their soul contracts.

The story behind the game

This game is about a humanoid cup named Cuphead and his brother named Mugman. They are raised by Elder Kettle. One day, they come to the Devil's Casino to play craps. Unfortunately, in the bet with the Devil, they lose all their money. Moreover, they are even burdened with a huge debt. The Devil who is the boss of this casino threatens them to take their souls and requires them to help him complete an important task. It is to collect soul contracts. Two brothers accept this mission and start their adventure in 6 lands to find the debtors of the Devil. Because these runaway debtors do not want to pay money, the Cuphead and Mugman must battle with them to collect their souls.

Tips to take down Wally Warbles

The most dominant level in this game is the level in which you must encounter Wally Warbles. Wally Warbles is a birdhouse. This bird is able to not only fly but also shoot unlimited numbers of eggs and feathers at you. Therefore, defeating this bird may be a challenge for you. I want to suggest some effective tactics that assist you in beating Wally Warbles more easily. The fight against Wally Warble is divided into three phases.

  • Phase 1: In the first phase, you must encounter the egg attacks of this birdhouse. If you get hit by these eggs, you will die. Therefore, try to fly up or down while shooting at the birdhouse. At the end of the phase, the bird will get angry and start a feather attack. Do the same to dodge its sharp feathers.
  • Phase 2: The second phase introduces five spiky eggs. These eggs fly around Wally Warbles and protect it from your attacks. You must find a way to destroy this spiky egg shield and eliminate the birdhouse.
  • Phase 3: Finally, in the final phase, you will see Wally Warbles lying on a stretcher. This stretcher is carried by two bluebirds. Although getting hurt, Wally Warbles still tries to attack you by throwing many objects which are a fish skeleton, mini bombs, an apple core, and a magnet. Try not to collide with these objects and shoot down this boss.

How to control

Use Arrow Keys to fly up, down, left or right.

Use a Z key to choose the level.

Use an X key to shoot at the boss.

Use a C key to shrink.

Use a Q to swap weapons

Cuphead Online

If you want to play this game online, Cuphead Online is a perfect choice. This online version promises to bring more interesting things for you. Specifically, like Sticky Run, in this game, you are allowed to choose between four levels of difficulty. Remember that all of them are unlocked.

  • Simple: The simple level is designed for beginners who are just starting to discover this run-and-gun action game. The boss in this level moves slowly, so you can easily attack it.
  • Regular: In this level, the speed of the boss will increase a little bit. At this time, you must utilize the skills that you practice at a simple level.
  • Expert: If you want to do something more challenging, you can choose the expert level. At this game level, the attacking speed of the boss is really fast. Therefore, you must react quickly to dodge their attacks. Additionally, the boss is also more powerful, so it takes you more time to take down the boss.
  • Invisible Challenge: As its name suggests, this level requires you to encounter invisible attacks from the boss. You should play the above levels first to remember the positions of the bullets before trying this invisible challenge.