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Geometry Dash LIMBO


Exciting gameplay of Geometry Dash LIMBO

Welcome to Geometry Dash LIMBO which is a new version. This game introduces an interesting adventure in which you explore heaven and hell.

The storyline

The story starts when a scientist is hired to work for a factory in the 1980s. He is required to create an AI which helps to solve the dangerous situations of the factory. He planned to fire all workers and the factory would completely be operated by the AI. The artificial intelligence workers would complete all tasks in the factory. However, life is not like a dream. When the invention EAM-17 was completed but not ready for commercial use, the steel factory manager required him to activate this machine. He wanted to build an unstoppable team including AI workers who unstoppably worked in the factory. However, the scientist did not agree with the manager's idea and was worried about the life of workers who got fired. He also said that there was a failsafe in the form of a combination code. This code can be used to activate with a key in the control room.

Ignoring the warnings of the scientist, the manager started to use this machine. Although this machine helped to increase the profit and the number of products of the factory, it got a problem after being used for 6 days. The manager called the scientist and asked him to repair the machine. When the scientists come to the control room, a gigantic claw appears and murders him. Next, this robot monster assassinated the manager when he wanted to call the authorities and escape. This robot machine blended the entire factory to create an abandoned facility. If anyone enters this factory, he or she will encounter danger. After 30 years, the scientist was revived and was asked to return to this old factory. He had to overload the resources of EAM 17 and find the right key to shut this machine down. When entering the factory, he was surprised by all the machines in this factory. Now, it is full of spikes, buzzsaws, and giant gears.

Start your journey

Like Geometry Dash Bloodbath, this game also features a thrilling adventure. However, in this new version, your destination is an abandoned factory. In this factory, you must overcome many dangers which will hurt you and force you back to the starting point. These dangers are many spike traps, spike walls, giant buzzsaws, and giant machine gears. In particular, these hazards can move from up to down and vice versa. You must predict their moves to dodge them and reach the control room where you can find the key to shut the machine EAM 17 down. This is a challenging task. However, you should try to complete it with the aim of destroying this biggest threat of humans.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to jump or fly.

More information about Geometry Dash LIMBO

Actually, his game was published by MindCap and verified by BGram on 26 November 2022. The colors of the theme in this game are mainly dark blue and red. This game was considered to be Top 20-30 of the Demonlist because of its difficulty. If you want to beat this game, you must remember the positions of the obstacles when you see them. Moreover, BGram stated that this game is even more challenging than Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse. What about you? Do you think this game is harder than the former Top 1 Demon of the Demonlist? Play this game now to experience its difficulty.