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8 Ball Billiards Classic


About the game 8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic is a classic sports game that captures many players of all ages. You need to pocket certain balls on the tables to win.

This online game is inspired by the billiards in daily life. This is a board game which is popular all over the world. Some people have to go out to play billiards. However, they can stay at home and enjoy this online game. Players even can invite another friend to compete together. For more fun games, you can try Geometry Dash SubZero.

The rules in 8 Ball Billiards Classic

The objective

To get the victory, you must pocket all of your designated balls. After that, you need to sink the ball 8 into a pocket. You should avoid pocketing the opponent's ball into the hole. There is a pool table with a set of 16 billiard balls ( including the cue ball and the ball 8). You use the cue stick to pocket the balls.

Fouls and penalties

Several fouls can occur during gameplay, resulting in penalties for the offending player. Common fouls include pocketing the cue ball, not hitting any balls with the cue ball, and failing to hit the player's designated group of balls first. When a foul is committed, the opposing player is granted ball in hand, allowing them to place the cue ball anywhere on the table for their next shot.

Tips to play 8 Ball Billiards Classic

Mastering Cue Ball control

One of the most critical aspects of 8 Ball Billiards Classic is mastering cue ball control. Being able to position the cue ball for future shots and strategically break up clusters of balls can significantly enhance your chances of winning. Practicing different shots and understanding how the cue ball reacts to different angles and spin will greatly improve your gameplay.

Patience and practice

No one can be good at a game the first time they play it. Therefore, you need to be very patient and practice hard. You can control the movements of the balls smoothly. When you can pocket the designated balls consecutively, your opponent doesn't even have a chance to play.