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The gameplay in Grandpa

Grandpa is a thrilling horror game featuring two game modes. As a reporter, you need to explore the secret of the old grandpa and escape from a scary Asylum.

Escape from the Asylum

When playing this game, you will transform into a reporter. While you are walking on the streets and trying to find a good story, everything suddenly becomes black. When you wake up, you find that you are in a scary old asylum. A crazy old grandpa is roaming around the asylum. If you get caught, you will be killed by him. Therefore, you should be careful. Run around the asylum to find necessary objects and weapons. You should keep silent at all times because the grandpa is really sensitive to noise. Your objective is to find the secret of the grandpa because you doubt that he is hiding something or someone in the basement of the Asylum. After finding out his secret, you should escape from the Asylum as fast as possible.

Playable game modes

This game features many game modes. You can choose between two game modes which are Normal Mode or Brutal Mode.

  • Normal Mode: This mode is fairly easy because the old grandpa will not appear regularly. Moreover, he will not actively enter the room. In addition, you can unlock the door of the room without using the key.
  • Brutal Mode: This mode is super challenging because all doors of the rooms are locked. You must find the key to unlock them. Moreover, the grandpa can actively enter the room and attack you. Therefore, you should be quick to escape to evade the crazy grandpa.

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Use the arrow keys to move around the asylum.

Use the spacebar to jump over the obstacles.

Use an F key to open or close the doors or pick up objects.

Use the mouse to guide the camera view to look around.

Use a C key to sit down.