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Ultimate Custom Night


Thrilling gameplay of Ultimate Custom Night

Try out Ultimate Custom Night which is the seventh edition of the Five Nights At Freddy's series. Unlock animatronics and try to survive against them.

Unlike other versions such as Five Nights At Freddy's 4, this game allows you to customize the dangerous degrees of animatronics. After that, you will click the Ready button to play the game. In this game, you will play as a security guard who is trapped alone in an office. During the night, the animatronics attempt to enter the office, so you need to close the doors to stop the animatronics from attacking you. Remember that there are three doors. Two doors are at the left and the right and the vent's door in the middle. You should look at the three televisions on the table. When they display the images of the animatronics or you see them on the cameras, you should be quick to close the doors. When the animatronics go away, you should open the doors. Because closing the doors will consume a lot of power, you should not close them too long. Try to save the power until 6 am to protect yourself from the attacks of the animatronics. Moreover, if you close the vent's door too long, the amount of oxygen in the office will decrease quickly. You will gain many points after surviving one night.

How to control

Press A-D keys to close or open the left and right doors.

Press a W key to close or open the door of the vent.

Press a S key to open or close the cameras.

The animatronics in Ultimate Custom Night

At the start of the game, you are allowed to customize only Lolbit. If you want to unlock the other 9 animatronics, you should accumulate as many points as possible. After unlocking them, you can change their dangerous degrees. Here is the list of animatronics in this version.

  • Ballora: She is primarily found in the Ballora Gallery and relies heavily on sound cues to locate the player. You must listen carefully for audio cues to determine her proximity and avoid her to survive.
  • Bidybab: Bidybab can be seen crawling on the floor and tends to move in groups. They are relatively fast and can enter the player's office through the vents. You must monitor the vent cameras and close the corresponding vent to keep Bidybab out.
  • Yendo: Yendo's behavior is not as aggressive as other animatronics. It will occasionally appear in the office and cause audio disturbances. You must fend it off by resetting audio devices to avoid distractions.
  • Foxy: Foxy is known for his fast and aggressive behavior. He starts in Pirate Cove and becomes increasingly active as the nights progress. Foxy will run down the West Hallway and attempt to enter the office if not monitored closely. You must regularly check Pirate Cove and close the office door to prevent Foxy from
  • Bonnet: Bonnet's behavior is similar to Bidybab, as it can crawl through the vents and enter the office. You must monitor the vent cameras and close the appropriate vent to keep Bonnet out.
  • Minireena: Minireenas usually appear in groups and can be seen climbing on the ceiling and walls. They are attracted to sound and will become more active if the player uses the controlled shock feature too often. You must keep an eye on their movements and use controlled shock sparingly to survive.