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Join interesting mini-games in Bloxd io now. These mini-games require you to embark on thrilling fights against other you or survive in the wilderness.

This game is an inspiration source for Vectaria. This game was developed by Arthur Baker who is a young gaming creator. It was famous because of its engaging gameplay and awesome 3D visuals. Let's play this game now to have fun with many players in the endless world.

Like Toon Cup 2019, this game also allows you to play many game modes with different playing experiences.

Survival Mode

This mode immerses you in an exhilarating, never-ending battle against opponents within the game's expansive maps. The primary objective is to locate and eliminate rivals before you can do the same to you. Employing strategic positioning, such as taking advantage of elevated vantage points, can greatly enhance your ability to spot opponents and gain the upper hand. The ultimate goal is to emerge as the sole survivor, showcasing your skills and tenacity.

Peaceful Mode

This mode offers a more tranquil and non-violent gameplay experience. In this mode, you are strictly forbidden from engaging in combat with other you. Instead, the focus shifts towards collecting resources scattered throughout the map and constructing your ideal virtual abode. This mode encourages a more relaxed and creative approach to gameplay, allowing you to unleash your imagination and design prowess.

Creative Mode

This mode serves as an outlet for your boundless creativity and architectural ingenuity. Within this mode, you have the freedom to construct awe-inspiring buildings and structures using the game's robust set of tools and resources. It provides an open-ended experience, allowing you to unleash your artistic abilities and craft unique virtual environments. This mode serves as a platform for you to showcase their imaginative designs and architectural prowess.

Bed Wars Mode

This mode injects an element of thrilling competition into the game. you engage in intense battles against one another, with an added twist of all of you shrinking to a minuscule size. This mode challenges you to strategize and collaborate effectively, defending their own beds while attempting to vanquish their opponents. The team that successfully safeguards its bed until the end emerges as the victor, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and quick thinking.

One Block

This mode starts you off on a solitary block, compelling them to expand their territory by skillfully constructing new blocks adjacent to the existing ones. This mode puts your resource management and strategic planning abilities to the test as you navigate the confined space and strive to establish a thriving virtual landscape. It showcases your resourcefulness and inventiveness in maximizing limited resources to expand their dominion.


Click the arrow keys to move.

Click the N key to customize your character.

Click a B key to open the in-game shop.

Click a Tab key to open your inventory to take your necessary items.

Click a T key to open the chat box to communicate with other you.

Click the left mouse button to destroy blocks.

Click the right mouse button to place blocks.

Click the number keys to change the blocks or tools.

Click the right mouse button or an E key to eat food when you are hungry.

Click the M key to open the task list.