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Basketball Stars


Intense gameplay of Basketball Stars

Welcome to thrilling basketball matches in Basketball Stars! Prove your basketball skills by making impressive dunks to earn more points than your rival.

The basketball matches

Like Toon Cup 2019, this interesting game features three game modes including the 1-Player, 2-Player, and Quick Match modes. The 1-Player and Quick Match mode allows you to play against the CPU while the 2-Player mode allows you to join the basketball match with your friends.

After selecting the game mode, you can choose your favorite characters and basketball team. Finally, you can press the start button to start your basketball match. Your goal in a basketball match is to earn more points than your opponent within a limited time to become the ultimate victor. Let's block the way of your rival, steal the ball from his hands, and then throw it into your opponent's basket to earn points. Moreover, do not forget to defend your basket to stop your rival from scoring and winning.

How to guide the characters


Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the basketball player's movement.

Press an X key to throw the ball into the basket.

Press an L key to steal the ball from your opponent's hands.

Press a S key to block your rivals.

Press the A-D or left-right arrow keys twice to dash.

Press a K or Z key to make the super shot.



Use the WASD keys to guide your character to move around the basketball course.

Press a B key to steal or shoot the ball.

Use a S key to pump.

Press the A-D keys twice to dash.

Use a V key to make a supershot.


Use the arrow keys to control the character to run around.

Press an L key to shoot or steal the ball.

Press a down arrow key to pump.

Press the left-right arrow keys to dash.

Press a K key for a super shot.

All achievements in Basketball Stars

  • Gold Cup: You must win the gold cup in the 1 vs 1 mode to get this achievement.
  • Sniper: Make 20 three-pointers if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Buzzer Beater: You must score 5 times after the final buzzer.
  • Point Leader: If you want to earn this achievement, you must try to score 500 points.
  • Hard Tournament Leader: Try your best to earn 150 points in one tournament in the Hard Mode to gain this achievement.
  • Dunker: If you can make 50 dunks, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Blocker: If you can make 20 blocks, you will gain this achievement.
  • Block Scorer: If you want to unlock this achievement, you need to score 5 times using blocks.
  • Defender: If you can steal the ball 50 times, you can unlock this achievement.