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Slaughterhouse Escape


The rules of Slaughterhouse Escape

Slaughterhouse Escape is a thrilling escape game in which you assist a cute pig in escaping from the slaughterhouse. Watch out for dangers and collect apples.

Evade obstacles in the slaughterhouse

Oh no! A cute pig is taken to the slaughterhouse to make bacon. You must enter the slaughterhouse to rescue the pig now. You must take control of the pig to move left, right, forward, or backward to run out of the slaughterhouse. Be careful with obstacles such as spike traps, knives, and saw blades because they will hurt the pig. Moreover, you also need to watch out for the bloody puddles because they are really slippery. They can make the pig fall into the nearby obstacles. Therefore, do not try to step in the blood puddles.

Earn the highest score

While dodging the obstacles, you also need to control the pig to collect the golden apples. The number of gold apples you collect affects your score. In addition, the number of your steps is also proportional to your score. You must run as far as possible in the slaughterhouse to get the highest score.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to guide the pig to move around the slaughterhouse.

The shop in Slaughterhouse Escape

Like Temple Run 2, this game also has an in-game skin shop. When visiting this shop, you can purchase new pig characters. There are a total of 15 characters such as Unipig, Mud Pig, Frozen Pig, Aftro Pig, Sunburnt Pig, Vegan Pig, Robot Pig, Vampire Pig, Warthog, Punk Pig, Stealth Pig, Bronze Pig, Silver Pig, and Gold Pig. You must use your gold apples to purchase your favorite pig character. Besides, you customize your character by buying impressive tattoos. There are 16 tattoos sold in the shop. Note that each tattoo costs 10 gold apples.