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Subway Surfers New Orleans


Explore Subway Surfers New Orleans

Check out the 10th installment named Subway Surfers New Orleans now. It invites you to join a Halloween event and run with the boy to escape from an inspector.

Run on the endless subway

In the world tour of Jake, he comes to New Orleans to participate in the Halloween event. In this beautiful country, he meets the inspector who cosplays into a zombie. The inspector will chase after you to catch Jake. Therefore, you must guide Jake to run as fast as possible to escape from the inspector. The subway in this country is endless and full of potential hazards such as trains and barriers. Some trains even run toward you. Jumping, moving to left or right, and sliding down are the skills that you must master when playing this game. If you can perform these skills well, you can overcome all dangers along the way. Note that if you crash into any obstacles, the distance between you and the inspector will be shortened. If you are caught, you can use the blue keys to revive. However, remember that the number of keys you must pay will increase. Besides running far, you must pick all gold coins up because they can be used to purchase new characters, hoverboards, and power-ups.

Collect power-ups

Like Temple Run 2, the adventure in this game also features many power-ups. It is necessary to pick power-ups up while running on the subway. There is a list of power-ups that you can collect in this game.

  • Jetpack: You can pick up the jetpack and wear it to fly high in the sky. Note that when flying in the sky, you can collect more coins.
  • Super Sneakers: These sneakers will help you jump higher and further to overcome high trains.
  • Coin Magnet: Hold the coin magnet in your hands to attract all nearby coins.
  • Score Multiplier: After collecting this power-up, your score will be doubled immediately.

How to control

Use the Left - Right Arrow keys to move left or right

Use an Up Arrow key to jump

Use a Down Arrow key to slide down

Use the Spacebar to activate the hoverboard

The latest update of Subway Surfers New Orleans

Because this is a new version of the Subway Surfers series, the developer added many new features to this game. The latest update of this game is its Halloween theme. While running on the subway, you can easily realize that all houses in the city are decorated in a spooky style. There are many pumpkins and ghost dolls along the way. Furthermore, the shop also introduces new outfits for Frank and King. You can buy the Clown Outfit for Frank and the Count Outfit for King.