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Rise Of Neon Square


The adventure of the cube character in Rise Of Neon Square

Rise Of Neon Square is an exciting adventure game in which you must help the little neon square find courage. Overcome many dangers and fight against the boss.

Overcome dangers

The little neon square is on its way to finding its courage. There are a total of four pieces of courage. You must help the square character to find all of them now. Your mission is to transform into the neon square and start your exciting adventure. You must jump on high walls, overcome many spike traps, and battle with many monsters. Note that hitting the spike traps will cause the loss of blood. If your blood bar at the top of the screen is empty, it means that you die. Therefore, you must keep yourself away from these dangers. Besides spike traps, buzzsaws are also potential hazards that you must watch out for. They can move around the platforms, so you should try not to hit them. Furthermore, the bullets will fly around and hit you. You should jump or run after the bullets instead of confronting them. Finally, to eliminate all monsters along the way, you must jump onto their heads.

Battle with the boss

At the end of the adventure, your enemy will be a giant neon square. At the start, two guns will appear on two sides of the boss. The gun will shoot many bullets, so you must evade these bullets at all costs. Then, the boss is covered by the spikes. Note that when the boss jumps, you should stand. In contrast, if the boss lands on the ground, the spike traps will appear and you must jump to evade them. You should wait for the button to appear on the head of the boss. At this time, you should jump and hit this button to take down the boss.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to control the character to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to control the character to jump.

Developer and platform

Inspired by Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked, this game was developed by pixelbrain. This fan-made game features new controls and gameplay. These things attract many players. They are really excited about the addictive adventure in this game. Like Geometry Dash LIMBO, the game is also available for gameplay on both PC and mobile devices.