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Pokemon Quetzal


The gameplay of Pokemon Quetzal

Pokemon Quetzal is a new version developed by TenmaRH. Start your adventure with Ash in different lands and build the strongest Pokemon team.

All game modes and levels

At the start of the game, you need to select the game modes. This game has three game modes including Normal, Random, and Cheats. If you just start to play this game, you should select the Normal mode. Besides, the Random game mode will bring surprising things. The Cheat mode allows you to use the secret cheat codes to make the game more exciting. If you are an experienced player and want something more fun, you can select this Cheats code. Moreover, this game has five degrees of difficulty. They are Easiest, Easy, Default, Hard, and Hardest. They are designed to be suitable for different types of players. For example, the Easiest, Easy, and Default levels are suitable for newbies. Meanwhile, the Hard and Hardest features more challenging adventures and fights which are only suitable for experienced players.

Start your adventure

Next, you must enter your name and start your journey now. Unlike other Pokemon game versions, this new edition allows you to discover a new region which is the Quetzal region. In this special area, you will meet new Pokemon. You must use a special ball named Safari Ball to catch them. Note that there are a total of 150 Pokemon in this game. Attempt to catch all of them while traversing many lands. Then, learn more about the moves of each Pokemon and train them to build the most powerful Pokemon team. During the adventure, you must encounter tricky obstacles and join tough fights against other Pokemon trainers. Build your own strategies to knock out all Pokemon trainers and become the best Pokemon Trainer. After finishing the adventure in this game, I invite you to start another one in Run 3 which is also an awesome adventure game on our website.

How to control

Press a Z key to choose.

Press an X key to return.

Press an arrow key to move around.