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Cow Bay


Some things about Cow Bay

Cow Bay is a delightful game that takes you on a whimsical adventure in a bay. Your character needs to work hard to be able to provide the required materials.

Welcome to this beautiful bay. This is where a cute cow resides. It will govern and develop this place. If you want to participate in the game, you need to learn how to control your character and the rules of the game. You will receive the quest from the king and try to complete it. You will receive a lot of gold coins after completing your work. Additionally, you can use them to unlock other bays. You will own more bays. Try to be able to take on big tasks. The harder the task, the more money you earn.

The game will bring entertaining moments, so you and your friends can participate in this game to build a cow bay together. Becoming a great character in the game can help you practice the necessary skills. In addition, cute characters and exciting quests will attract you.

Some cow's jobs in the bay

When playing this game, you must complete two main tasks. If you want to finish them soon, you can follow the below instruction..

Harvest or gather items

The game allows you to harvest wood and tomatoes. They are very easy to harvest. When you see them appear in the bay, just go to their location and pick them up. In addition, large rocks can provide you with good stones. You need to use an ax to mine them. These simple items can help you complete the king's duties.

Create some materials

To get better materials, you will make use of the simple materials you have already harvested. You need to bring them to the smithy, carpentry workshop, or kitchen to be able to create other items. These include stone bricks, wooden planks, hammers, axes, and shovels. tomato soup, etc. The better items were the king's requests.