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Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2


Explore Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2

Try the second version named Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2 now. Many hazards are waiting for you in the wonderful land. Start your journey now!

Start your breathtaking journey

If you are a big fan of the Theory Of Everything series, you should try out this new version. This game invites you to embark on an exciting adventure in which you assume the role of the cube character. The aim of this adventure is to conquer a dangerous maze. This maze hides many spike traps that force you to return to the starting point right after you hit them. In particular, in this new version, you will encounter new dangers which are saw blades, fake slopes, and invisible slopes. The saw blades appear everywhere in the maze. Meanwhile, the fake slopes will trap you to fall into the spikes or saw blades. Therefore, you should take caution with them. In contrast, the invisible slopes are safe, you must look carefully to find them.

Collect coins

This game requires you to not only overcome the dangers but also gather coins. If you do not know where to find them, I will give you some suggestions.

  • The first coin will appear after you go through the gravity portal. It lies under the invisible blocks.
  • The second coin will appear after you transform into the wave. You can find it on the fake slope when going through the third diagonal hallway.
  • The final coin can be found at 84% when you jump through two jump rings.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to make the character to jump or fly.

Additional information about Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2

Like Geometry Dash Breeze, this game also has a Demon difficulty. Therefore, it is a challenge for beginners. You should practice hard before playing this game. In addition, if you can collect enough of three coins in this game, a new cube character will be unlocked. Try your best! Ultimately, this is the only version of the Theory Of Everything 2 starts with a wave character instead of the cube character.