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Geometry Dash World


General information about Geometry Dash World

Let's start your adventure in Geometry Dash World now. Complete 5 levels and visit 5 wonderful lands in which you will encounter various dangers.

Like Geometry Dash Breeze, this game is also a new version of Geometry Dash created by RobTop Games. After being launched in December 2016, this game became one of the hottest games in the gaming community. This game offers two worlds with 10 challenging levels. In each world, you will have a chance to play 5 levels and explore 5 wonderful lands. Moreover, this game has more achievements and characters than the initial version. Let's play this game now to have fun and do not forget to try out Geometry Dash Lite which is an awesome game on our website.

Factory Toxic World of Geometry Dash World

It is possible to say that the best world in this game is Factory Toxic. In this world, you are required to complete 5 levels including Space Pirates, Strikers, Embers, Round 1, and Monster Dance Off.

Space Pirates

This is the easiest and longest level in this world. In this level, your character can transform into a UFO which can fly to the finish line. You must guide the UFO to fly up or down to evade dangers. Note that you should be careful with the giant blocks covered with spikes. They can move randomly up or down. Do your best to complete this level in the Normal Mode to claim 100 mana orbs and 3 stars.


This is also the longest level in this game. At this level, you must go through many mirror portals that can reverse the screen's direction. These portals appear at 18%, 50%, 66%, and 83%. Moreover, when traversing the land in this land, you must jump on many small platforms. Try not to fall into obstacles and reach the finish safely within the shortest time to claim three stars.


This third level features only one ball sequence. The racetrack at this level is truly short and the obstacles do not appear regularly. You can easily reach the destination without hitting the dangers, so do not hesitate to click to play this level now. The rewards of this level will be 100 mana orbs and 3 stars.

Round 1

This is the fourth level of this game which introduces two cube sequences. Additionally, along the way, you will see many cyan gravity pads and cyan gravity rings. If you jump on the cyan gravity pads, your gravity will be inverted. Before you jump on the cyan gravity rings, your gravity will be forced toward the opposite direction. Changing your gravity abruptly requires your quick reflex and skillful control.

Monster Dance Off

Your final destination in this world is the Monster Dance Off level. This fifth level features a short racetrack having many slopes. You should be careful when guiding your character to slide on slopes. Furthermore, you will go through many speed portals which raise your speeds in this level.

How to control: You must press the spacebar, an up arrow key, a W key, or click the left mouse button to take control of the character to jump or fly to evade obstacles.