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Playable game modes of Vectaria

Learn to survive in the wildness in Vectaria. This multiplayer game requires you to collect resources, build structures, and battle with other players.

Like Temple Run 2, this game is also the right choice for anyone who are keen on travelling. This game features three game modes which are available for gameplay. This is a multiplayer game, so invite your friends to choose one of the game modes and play now.

  • Peaceful Mode: In this mode, you engage in player versus player (PvP) survival, defending yourself against competitors and striving to enhance your strength. It provides an intense and thrilling experience where strategic thinking and combat skills are put to the test.
  • Survival Mode: The Survival mode of this game allows you to toggle PvP on or off. You can explore the vast environment, gather resources, and construct structures. Whether choosing to cooperate with friends or engage in PvP combat, this mode offers a balanced blend of survival and social interaction.
  • Creative Mode: For those with a penchant for unlimited creativity, the Creative mode in this game is a haven. Here, you can construct freely without any restrictions, giving life to magnificent structures and landscapes. This mode serves as a canvas for you to express your imagination and showcase your architectural prowess.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to guide the character to run around the map

Use the right mouse button to create blocks to construct buildings

Use the left mouse button to mine or attack the enemies.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Use an X or Ukey to open your inventory to take necessary objects

Use the G key to open the home menu.

Use an M key to view spawn points.

Use an O key to visit the shop to purchase necessary items.

Use an I key to open the guideline to learn about the playing rules of the game.

Use the Enter key to start chatting with other players in the same server.