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Vampire Survivors


Survive as long as possible in this game

Vampire Survivors is an endless survival game where you have to fight to survive on a strange island. Upgrade your power quickly to be able to destroy enemies.

To be able to survive for a long time, you must combine many different skills. Skillful movement is also a good way to help your character survive.

Move continuously

The strange island you are on is a place without humans. It is inhabited by terrible monsters. Their numbers are too large and they always try to attack humans. If you just stand still, you can easily become their meal. So, move to avoid enemy attacks. You need to choose empty locations to move to.

Game control

In this game, you need to use arrow keys to move the character. Because the controls of this game are simple, players of all ages can play it, even children. You must combine the arrow keys for the character to move smoothly. Coming close to the monster isn't encouraged in this game.

Beat the monsters in Vampire Survivors

Just dodging attacks is not enough to conquer this game. You need fighting skills and sharp weapons to kill the monsters around you.

Upgrade level

Character strength will increase with levels. Every time a character upgrades a level, he can also receive a new skill or skill upgrade. You just need to make choices to help your character become stronger. To level up, you need to collect magic gems. They help you increase your EX so you can upgrade. Red gems contain more EX than blue gems.

Destroy the flames

You'll see a few fires along the way. You can collect a few useful items after they are destroyed. Chicken thighs, gold or some special skills will be hidden in these fires. Collect them because they will be very useful to you. Besides this game, you also can play Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked where you can test your skills.