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Bacon May Die


The fight in Bacon May Die

It's time to join an adventure with the pig fighter in Bacon May Die. Explore the forest, dungeon, and snow mountain and fight against many wolves and spiders.

All game modes

In this game, you can play four game modes. However, two game modes are available for gameplay while the other ones are locked.

  • Survival: This game is available for gameplay at the start of the game. In this game mode, you will discover three areas including the forest, dungeon, and snow mountain. First, let's visit the forest in which you must encounter many aggressive wolves. You must evade their attacks and defeat as many wolves as possible. After all wolves are eliminated, the next map will be unlocked and you can continue the fight against wolves on this map.
  • Sudden Death: This game mode is locked. You must reach 50 hot combos to unlock this game mode. In this game mode, you can die if you get one hit by the enemy. Therefore, you should be careful with their attacks at all times. Before the wolves attack you, you should attack them first and eliminate them in a short time.
  • Blast: Like the Sudden Death mode, this game mode also is blocked. If you want to unlock it, you must reach 50 hot combo. In this game mode, you must throw the bombs at your enemies to explode them.
  • Coop: Invite your friend to play the Coop game mode with you. In this game mode, you and your friend will become the teammates. Cooperate with each other to knock out as many wolves as possible and explore three lands. Note that the game fight will end if you or your friend are killed. Besides, you should take caution with the obstacles in the dungeon.

Select one of the above game modes and play this game now. Besides, you should take a look at Swords And Souls which is an awesome action game on our website. This game also takes you to thrilling fights.

How to control

Press the left or right arrow keys to move and attack.

Press an up arrow key to jump or visit the clothes, skin, or weapon shop.

Hold the right to change the weapon.

The shops in Bacon May Die

Along the way, you can meet three pigs. They will invite you to visit their shops. There are three shops including the outfit shop, the weapon shop, and the medicine shop.

  • The outfit shop: In this shop, you can use your coins to purchase new hats, glasses, accessories, and pants. Let's help the pig fighter become more impressive.
  • The weapon shop: When visiting this shop, you can buy many weapons such as grenades, guns, hammers, pickaxes, saws, and so on. Choose your suitable weapon before starting the fight.
  • The medicine shop: During the fight, your health can decrease because of the enemy's attacks. Therefore, you should visit the medicine shop to buy the medicines which help to raise your health and power.