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Clicker Heroes


The fight in Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an endless clicker game that transforms you into a hero. Protect the lands from the monsters and build a team of strong heroes.

Fight against bosses in different lands

An army of monsters suddenly appears and attacks many people. As a hero, you are the last hope of the land, so you must defeat monsters to protect the land now. You just click on these monsters and they will get hurt and die. After eliminating a monster, you will be rewarded with many gold coins. Note that you will go through 11 lands and join the fights. They are Forest, Dryland, Desert, Beach, Midland, Rockland, Caverns, Stone Field, Tundra, Astral Rift, and Bloodland. You must raise the level of the land from level 1 to level 5. In each level, you have to defeat 10 monsters to unlock a new one. Furthermore, in each land, besides monsters, you will encounter strong bosses. For example, in the Forest, you need to battle with Mamma Ferny Fat Bat. In the Dryland, the final boss is Emperor Skorpinch who is a giant scorpion. In the Desert, you need to defeat Trolgre which is a giant goblin. If you want to defeat these powerful bosses, you must make more effort.

Hire more heroes

If you want to knock out the monsters faster, you should build a team of heroes. Let's use the gold coins you earn to hire the new heroes. There are a total of 55 heroes in this game. These heroes are the Helpful Adventurer named Cid, Treebeast, the Drunken Brawler named Ivan, Brittany who is a Beach Princess, The Wandering Fisherman, Betty Clicker, Broyle Lindeoven who is a Fire Mage, and so on. Each hero has a distinct damage ability. You must upgrade the heroes to make them more powerful. Additionally, whenever you level up, the heroes will get a 4x or 10x damage multiplier.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to hit the monster.

All achievements in Clicker Heroes

Like other clicker games, this game also features many achievements and you need to complete them when playing this game. Here is the list of these achievements.

  • DPS-related achievements: To gain these achievements, you must upgrade your weapons.
  • Gold-related achievements: Try to gather as many coins as possible to unlock this achievement.
  • Hero-related achievements: If you want to gain this achievement, you have to hire heroes and upgrade them.
  • Ascension-related achievements: Try your best to ascend the world if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Click-related achievements: If you want to gain this achievement, attempt to knock out as many monsters as possible.
  • Skill-related achievements: To unlock this achievement, you have to finish the quests for skills.
  • Zone-related achievements: To earn this achievement, you have to explore 11 lands in this game.
  • Hero Soul-related achievements: If you want to earn this achievement, you should try to finish the quests for heroes' souls.
  • Ruby-related achievements: If you want to get this achievement, you have to try your best to complete the quests for rubies.