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Dinosaur Game


The adventure in Dinosaur Game

Are you ready for an exciting adventure of a green dinosaur in Dinosaur Game? Let's help the dinosaur explore the desert and be careful with dangers.

This game is about the wonderful journey of a little dinosaur in a large desert. If you play this game, you will transform into this dinosaur and join the unstoppable run. If you can reach the furthest distance, your rewards are a high score and rank on the leaderboard. Here are some tips to run as far as possible.

  • First, you should overcome dangers such as cactuses and birds in the desert. If you do not want to crash into the cactuses, you should jump. In contrast, if you want to evade the birds flying in the sky, you should duck. However, some birds fly at a low height, so you should jump to evade them.
  • Secondly, you should look carefully when it's dark. The darkness will limit your vision, so you should pay a high concentration and look around carefully to avoid hitting the obstacles.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to start the adventure of the dinosaur.

Use an up arrow key, a W key, or the spacebar to guide the dinosaur to jump over many cactuses.

Use a down arrow key or an S key to duck to avoid hitting the birds.