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Electron Dash


Run in the galaxy

Electron Dash is about an astronaut's journey through space. With an astronaut suit, he has the ability to change gravity and jump high to avoid dangers.

A special path in the universe

Have you seen the paths in the universe? In this game, you even get to experience the way in this universe. The special thing is that this road is designed like a tube. The platform pieces are put together to form the tube. However, it is incomplete when there are too many gaps in the planes. This will cause quite a lot of difficulties in the astronaut's movement.

Game control

  • Press the up arrow to jump over
  • Use the left and right arrow to move left or right.

This simple control reminds me of Geometry Dash Lite. Hope you will have a lot of time with this game.

Tackle problem in Electron Dash

To be able to travel long distances, your character needs to face many different difficulties. You must understand the difficulties in order to overcome them.

Avoid or jump over gaps and platforms

Outside the tube is a vast universe where everything can be swallowed up. Your character will become extremely small in the face of the universe. If he falls out of the tube, he is in immediate danger. Gaps are the main reason your character can fall into the air. So you can avoid them by switching the sides of the tube or jumping over these gaps. In addition, weak platforms also create gaps when you touch these platforms.

Be careful with the red columns

The red columns are the obstacles that you have to skillfully dodge. These red columns are usually placed across sections of the tube. You need to avoid touching them. They are just as dangerous as the gaps above. You also don't need to worry too much if you have many hearts. A heart is a life. You can collect these hearts on your way.

Some tips to play Electron Dash

  • You need to spend some seconds looking at the coming road. From that, you can find an efficient route that can be safe for your character.
  • Time is the key in this game. You need to know when you should jump or switch lanes. If you jump too soon or too late, the character may fall into the gaps.
  • It's better to collect some hearts on the way. You can last your distance with these hearts by continuing the adventure after falling into the galaxy.