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Funny Shooter 2


The shootout in Funny Shooter 2

Welcome to thrilling shooting fights in the new version named Funny Shooter 2. This second edition requires you to shoot down more rivals and win more levels.

How to defeat the opponents

Like Geometry Dash Lite, In this game, you are required to complete many levels. In each level, you need to encounter more than 30 opponents. They are equipped with weapons and armor. You must use your gun to shoot down any fighter who wants to approach and attack you. Try to stay away from them because your health will decrease if you are attacked. The level will end if you can defeat all rivals in the arena. This will be a challenge for you, but this is also a chance for you to show off your shooting skills. Moreover, after completing a level, you will be rewarded with many coins. Remember that you will meet a boss at level 10. The boss is really powerful. So, you should prepare carefully before entering the fight against the boss. For example, you can use your coins to upgrade your health, coin magnets, and grenades.

How to control

Use WASD keys to move.

Use the mouse to control the camera view.

Click the right mouse button to aim.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Use 1-7 keys to change the weapons.

Use a G key to throw the grenade.

Attractive things of Funny Shooter 2

Many achievements

This game features many achievements that you need to complete. Here they are:

  • Killer Redman: You must eliminate as many Redmen as possible to unlock this achievement.
  • Killer Cyclops: Try to defeat hundreds of cyclops to gain this achievement.
  • Killer Toiletman: Aim at the toilet fighters and kill them to unlock this achievement.
  • Killer Kamikaze: If you want to get this achievement, you must try to defeat the Kamikaze fighters.
  • Killer Jetpackman: To gain this achievement, you have to knock out the soldiers who wear jetpacks.
  • Killer Spearman: Find and kill all spearmen in the arena to unlock this achievement.
  • Headshot: If you can shoot at the heads of your rivals, you will get this achievement.
  • Big Dada Boom: Throw the bombs to explode the enemies to unlock this achievement.
  • Kangaroo: Jump as many times as possible if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Self Defense: This achievement will be unlocked after you buy new weapons.
  • Engineer: You must change the weapons if you want to get this achievement.
  • Banker: Try to gather as many coins as possible to gain this achievement.

Various weapons

You should visit the gun shop to purchase new guns. There are many types of guns sold at this shop. They are shotguns, sniper rifles, handguns, rifles, machine guns, and so on. You can use your coins to buy your favorite gun. However, you should consider the gun's features first because each gun has a distinct feature. Moreover, you can customize your guns by adding some items that help you aim more accurately and shoot down the opponents with one shot.