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Geometry Dash Crying Souls


Some information about Geometry Dash Cry Souls

Geometry Dash Crying Souls invites you to take part in an exciting journey in a haunting land. You are challenged to evade dangers and collect user coins.

As an Insane Demon level, this game may be a challenge for the players. Inspiring Geometry Dash Nine Circles, knobbelboy developed this game featuring 2.0 background and ground design. The song in this game is composed by Xtrullor. Unlike the original version, this game is considered to be more dynamic and thrilling. Therefore, it attracts many players from all over the world.

Addictive gameplay of Geometry Dash Crying Souls

Joining your exciting adventure

At the start of the game, you will put yourself in the cube character, You will jump over numerous obstacles such as the spikes, the dragon. Moreover, the terrain will change constantly. This requires you to be quick to change your direction to go through the safest road. Besides, during the adventure, you need to go through many portals such as form portals, speed portals, size portals, and dual portals. The form portals are able to transform your character into a ship, ball, wave, or UFO. The speed portals are able to increase or decrease the speed of your character during the journey. Besides, if your character enters the dual portal, it will be doubled. Finally, the size portals will help to raise or decrease the size of your character. Note that sometimes, the portals will be combined. For example, the size portal will combine with the form portal. When you go through this type of portal, not only your appearance but also your speed will change.

Gathering user coins

Like Geometry Dash World, this game also requests you to collect the user coins. Here are the positions of three user coins in this game.

  • The first coin can be found at 17%.
  • The second coin is located at 47%. You should not hit the jump ring and ent5er an alternate area where you can find the coin.
  • The third coin can be found at 95%. You should hit a jump ring and land on a secret platform where you can pick up the final coin.