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Geometry Dash Fractured Circles


The distinct feature of Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

Work your way up to complete a challenging adventure in Geometry Dash Fractured Circles. You must watch out for dangers and reach the finish line safely.

Created by Artimiel, this game is considered to be a successful remake version of Geometry Dash Nine Circles. In this version, the scheme is brighter than the original version. Moreover, the road in this game has more trick orbs and fake lines which are potential hazards. If you control your character to jump on them, you will fall and die. Therefore, you should be careful look carefully to distinguish between fake lines and real lines. In addition, you need to go through many gravity portals which can change your gravity immediately. Reversing the gravity suddenly will be a challenge for you, so you need to have good mashing skills to avoid falling off the obstacles. Finally, the racetrack in this game features many buzzsaws which appear densely. Your mission is to evade these buzzsaws and go through tight roads to reach the finish line safely.

How to guide the character: Click the left mouse button or use the spacebar to control the character to jump.

Some interesting things about Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

  • The difficulty of this game is considered to be Easy-Medium Demon. In fact, it is more challenging than Geometry Dash World and easier than Geometry Dash Nine Circles.
  • You do not need to collect the secret coins during the adventure in this game.
  • There are many speed portals that raise your speed by three times.
  • It takes you 55 seconds to win this game.