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Guardian Sphere


The description of Guardian Sphere

Play Guardian Sphere to become a member of the Guardian team. Your mission is to collect spheres to boost your power and defeat aliens to protect your planet.

Explore the plot of the game

The story starts when the spheres were discovered. They were considered to be the ultimate energy source. Thanks to the spheres, the technology on the Earth developed incredibly. They started to conquer the world and bind alliances with other planets. Besides, some people explored other undiscovered potential powers of spheres. These powers helped the people become stronger. The people who can control the powers of the spheres are called guardians. However, one day, the planet was attacked by an unknown species. The guardians chose to attack these species to protect the Earth from being invaded. They are determined to protect their beautiful planet.

Join the fight

When playing this game, you will become a guardian who possesses a strong power. You will participate in thrilling fights against aliens in different places. In the fight, your enemies are green aliens who look like insects. They are able to fly and shoot at you. You must fly to the left or right to evade their attacks. Moreover, you also need to take caution with the green eggs. When you come close to them, they will start to hatch and the aliens from the eggs will attack you. Therefore, try to eliminate the eggs before they hatch. Besides, you should keep in mind that the sphere is your source of power. You must try to collect as many spheres as possible to raise your power. If you get hit by the aliens, you will lose your spheres. If you get hit when you run out of spheres, you will die. Therefore, try to keep your spheres at all costs. Sometimes, you meet innocent people along the way. They need your help. You should help them to get more spheres. Furthermore, if you want to increase your power, you can enter the shops along the way. These shops sell many power-ups which help you win the fight more easily. At the end of the fight, you must encounter the boss who is the most powerful enemy in the fight. Do your best to take down the boss to complete the stage. After winning the battles in this game, you can try out Swords And Souls to embark on another one.

How to control


Press the arrow keys to move around.

Press a C key to attack.


Press WASD keys to move around.

Press a G key to attack.