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Helix Jump


Helix Jump requires you to rotate the tower which contains many platforms. The ball has to fall down the gaps of this tower to get the scores.

Learn about the rules of this game

This game is quite easy to learn the rules. You just need a little time to master the controls and rules of the game. Don't just play one game while you have many options on this site. You can move to Doodle Baseball to become a pro baseball player.

Platforms in helix tower

The platforms will be arranged in a spiral pattern. Each platform has gaps for the ball to pass through. Be careful with the red areas because they can destroy your ball.

Bouncing Mechanism

The ball bounces automatically as it moves down the helix tower. It will continue bouncing until it touches a platform or reaches the bottom. The ball's movement is influenced by gravity, so it will gain momentum as it descends.

Get the scores

The more platforms you pass, the more scores you gain. Aim for long sequences of passing platforms without touching the red areas to earn higher scores. From that, you can get more points for a short time.

Some main features of Helix Jump

  • This game doesn't provide levels. Therefore, you will play until the ball hits the red platforms. The dept at the ball can fall will affect your score. You must try to get the highest score by dropping the ball as deep as possible.
  • The smooth control is also an attractive feature in this game. The smooth and precise controls allow for precise movements and quick reactions.
  • When the ball falls deeper into the tower, the challenges are more difficult. However, this is an opportunity to improve your skill of controlling the ball.
  • Throughout the game, players may come across power-ups that provide temporary advantages. These power-ups can include speed boosts. Strategically utilizing these power-ups can greatly enhance the chances of reaching new heights and achieving higher scores.