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Playable game modes of Lurkers.io

Enjoy a new multiplayer game named Lurkers.io. You are tasked with crafting weapons, battling with other players and zombies, and surviving in the wilderness.

Team Deathmatch

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game features many game modes. The first game mode I want to mention is Team Deathmatch which allows you to play as a team with other players from all over the world. Your team will run around the arena to fight against the opposite team. Note that you will revive after being murdered by the rivals. When the time's over, the team that eliminates more enemies will become the final victor. You

Bedwars Classic

The second game mode in this game is Bedwars. When playing this mode, you are required to defend your own bed at all costs. Besides, you need to destroy your enemies' beds to earn points. You need to gain the highest score and protect your bed until the battle ends. Remember that you are given free coins every second.

Survival Mode

This is a special game mode in this game because there are no rules in this mode. When playing the Survival Mode, you can do everything you want such as collecting resources, constructing buildings, exploring new lands, hunting, and so on. In addition, this mode allows you to assassinate any player. In contrast, if you are killed by any player, you can revive and continue your gameplay.

Zombie Survival

When joining the Zombie Survival mode, you need to confront the zombie apocalypse. You invite your friends to join the battle with zombies. During the day, you and your friends need to be quick to collect the blocks and use them to build a base. At night, when the zombies arrive, it's time to fight. You need to shoot down as many zombies as possible to get coins. If you want to become more powerful, you should spend your coins on new weapons and supplies at a supply crate. Note that you can respawn immediately after being killed by the zombies.

Capture The Flag

The final game mode in this game is Capture The Flag. The fight in this game mode also includes two teams. Each team will stay in their base. Your target in the fight is the flag of the opposite team. Let's fight, sneak into your opponent's base, and capture their flag if you want to become the winner. When the time is over, the team who has two flags will win the fight.

How to control

Use WASD keys to move around the land.

Hold the Shift + WASD keys to move faster.

Use an E key to open your inventory.

Press Enter if you want to chat with anyone.

Press an M key to change the team.

Press 0-9 to equip different weapons.

Use a B key to craft tools and weapons.

Use a C key to drop.

Click the left mouse button to attack the enemies or use.

Click the right mouse button to place the blocks or carry.