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Magic Cat Academy


Intro about the game

Magic Cat Academy is an addictive game with Halloween-themed doodles. The game will take you to a magical world where you will have to fight ghosts.

The plot of this game

The main character is a magical cat called Momo. Many spirits want to invade the main character's academy. They break the peaceful environment and cause chaos among the students. Although he is just a young sorcerer's apprentice cat, he still needs to use his magic to beat the spirits. Momo has interesting and dangerous adventures in this game. He can discover many secrets of the academy. I hope that you can help Momo to recover the peaceful air in the school. With a deep plot, this game provides a sense of progression to any player.

Many levels with various bosses to you

You have to pass many levels and each of them has a different boss. You only encounter these bosses after destroying all the other spirits. Of course, these bosses are always more formidable than the normal ghosts. I list some main bosses here:

  • Pumpkin King: This is a pumpkin ghost with a smile.
  • Skeleton Maestro: This boss is a skeleton ghost that wields a conductor's baton.
  • Phantom Sorcerer: The Phantom Sorcerer is a powerful ghost that casts spells of its own.
  • Haunted Armor: This boss is a spectral suit of armor that can be quite resilient.
  • Wicked Witch: The Wicked Witch is a formidable boss who employs various tricks and spells.

Each boss has a unique ability and you have to find their weakness. From that, you can have a suitable strategy to beat them.

How to banish the spirits in Magic Cat Academy

The number of ghosts increases through the levels. They try to access your cat, so you need to destroy them. Your cat only has certain lives which are shown by the hearts on the screen. If these hearts run out, your cat will be knocked out. So, don't let any enemies touch your cat.

Cast spells with drawings

The little cat can perform magical attacks by drawing shape icons on the screen. Each ghost will have a symbol above its head. You just need to draw these icons on the screen, these ghosts will be banished immediately. You need to draw symbols quickly and accurately before enemies can reach your character. When you reach high levels, souls become more numerous and move faster. Furthermore, the symbols also became complex and numerous.

Tips to beat the spirits

  • Familiarize yourself with the shapes required to cast spells. Practice drawing them in a smooth and fluid motion. The more comfortable you become with the shapes, the faster and more accurate you'll be in casting spells during gameplay.
  • Focus on defeating these high-value ghosts quickly to maximize your score. It's often better to prioritize them over lower-value ghosts, especially when dealing with limited time or a large number of enemies.

Game control: swipe the mouse to draw. You also can try Geometry Dash Lite which also has a simple control.