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Max Mixed Cuisine


The gameplay of Max Mixed Cuisine

Welcome to Max Mixed Cuisine which is an awesome cooking game. Transform into a talented chef named Max and make delicious food to get high scores.

Start your cooking work

In this game, you will play as Max who is a professional chef. Your mission is to make yummy food and then eat it. First, let's drop all ingredients into the bowl. You can see many raw ingredients on the shelf. They are chicken, cheese, eggs, shrimp, veggies, beef, bread, fish roe, mushrooms, seaweed, tortillas, and noodles. On the table, you can see many sauces such as chili sauce, lime extract, black pepper, sugar, and so on. You can choose one of them and then hold the Pour button to drop them into the bowl. Next, you should hold the Mix button to cook them. After a few seconds, the food is cooked and the chef will try it.

Unlock multiple endings

One interesting thing about this game is the endings. There are a total of 15 endings in this game. You must make certain food to unlock these endings. Here are some tips to get them.

  • Ninja Ramen: You should make a ramen to unlock this ending.
  • Happy Mushroon: Let's mix chicken, cheese, and eggs to unlock this ending.
  • Shocking Lemon Soup: If your food is too bad, the chef will be shocked by electricity and this ending will be unlocked.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the objects in the kitchen.

All achievements in Max Mixed Cuisine

  • Only Two: You should use two ingredients to make food to unlock this achievement.
  • All In One: Attempt to use all ingredients at once to get this achievement.
  • Half Way: Mix only half the bar to gain this achievement.
  • The newcomer: If you want to get this achievement, try to get the first ending.
  • The apprentice: Do your best to get 5 different endings to unlock this achievement.
  • Excellent Cook: To unlock this achievement, you must get 10 different endings.
  • Perfect Finder: Attempt to unlock all endings to get this achievement.
  • Good Side: If you want to earn this achievement, you must use more than 10 good ingredients to make food.
  • Dark Side: You can use 5 bad ingredients to make food if you want to unlock this achievement.
  • Master Chef: Try your best to unlock all the above achievements.