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Merge Cakes


The overview of Merge Cakes

The gameplay

Welcome to Merge Cakes which is a remarkable arcade game. To gain cash and open a new slot, your goal is to merge the same cakes and buy others in the shop.

This game is available for you if you have a sweets addiction. To create other sweets with a bigger price, you will combine similar desserts. You should participate in this game since it will undoubtedly amuse you. You will be submerged in the realm of sweets, where a wide variety of cakes are available. Mediterranean, Panellet Cocochoco, Cannolo Semplice, Cannoli Ripieni, Doughnut, Strawberry Doughnut, Grape Biscuit, Profiterol, etc. are some of the fantastic cakes in the game.

The game has a lot of slots. The cookies will be your first choice. The food cover must be clicked on for it to be filled. After that, a food cover will appear in the space. To acquire more food covers, you must click. Your collection of food coverings will grow as a result. The identical cookies will be merged once you open them up. The identical cakes can be combined to create extra empty spaces where many food coverings can be placed. You can also earn additional gold coins by baking more incredible cakes. Attempt to gather as many gold coins as you can.

Additionally, you will receive new spots as your gold coin balance increases. Try to unlock many slots to merge more sweets.


Use the mouse to move the sweets and merge the same ones.

The attraction of Merge Cakes

The shop

If you don't have the patience to click and receive the cakes, you can buy them at the store. If you have enough gold coins, you can buy many types of cakes. In addition, you should choose the best cakes so you can combine them and create many other wonderful cakes. After each purchase, the price of the cakes will increase. That's why you need to have a lot of gold.

The achievements

There are many achievements that you can achieve. You will receive achievements corresponding to your efforts. The reward for your efforts is a large amount of gold. Good luck!