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Minion Rush


The fantastic run of Minion Rush

Join the speed adventure in Minion Rush. If you love speedy running games, you can play this game and navigate your character to go further while earning coins.

Like Banana Duck, the game allows you to participate in an exciting run. You will control your character to participate in the game. Firstly, your character needs to run as far as possible to get impressive scores. You can control your character to run further in the endless race track. Next, you may face many kinds of obstacles. They can be barriers, buses, cars, overpasses, etc. You need to control your character skillfully so as not to lose your life. You should run, jump, slide, and dodge obstacles. Any collision forces you to stop playing. Finally, you need to collect lots of gold coins. Your amount of gold coins will increase significantly if you don't miss them. You can use these collected coins to purchase more fantastic characters.


Use up arrow key to jump over obstacles on the road.

Use the down arrow key to slide down to evade obstacles.

Use the left arrow key to control the minion to turn left.

Use the right arrow key to guide the minion to turn right.

Some highlights of Minion Rush

The Minion character

They are the lovable and mischievous yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise. Minions are known for their childlike innocence, enthusiasm, and love for bananas. Minions have become iconic characters in popular culture, known for their playful and endearing nature. Therefore, they become the inspiration for the game.

Exchange characters

If you have a lot of gold coins, you can use them to unlock other Minion characters. There are many different types of characters. They look adorable and eye-catching. You can own them if you accumulate enough money. Despite their small size, Minions possess unexpected strength and resilience, allowing them to accomplish extraordinary feats. They have a knack for getting into amusing and sometimes troublesome situations, adding comedic relief to the game.