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My Halloween Park


Haunted house business in this game

My Halloween Park takes the theme of Halloween when people want to visit haunted houses. You open as many haunted houses as possible to earn a lot of money.

Halloween is coming and horror things will also be recreated during this festival. This game turns you into a witch who owns spooky houses. Don't worry because these houses will not pose any danger. They only contain scary creatures meant to scare those who enter. The special thing is that these people will spend money to be scared. You can earn a decent amount of money from this job. Your mission is to hire scary creatures and bring them into the haunted house.

How to earn as much money as possible in My Halloween Park

Your goal will be to make as much money as possible. This will help you open more haunted houses and earn a lot of money.

Lead the souls into the haunted house

You will bring spirits into the house to scare people. The larger the number of haunted houses, the more souls you need. Besides, you can also hire more people to impersonate a murderer. This can help you save time. Customers only enter haunted houses when there are scary things inside.

Collect money

After customers run out of the haunted house, they will give their money back right at the door. You just go get them. Save a lot of money to expand the area and buy more haunted houses. You can use this money to expand areas such as haunted forests, etc.


When you expand your area, your work will also be extremely busy. This is when you need to hire additional staff who will help you bring soul into the homes. You will still be the main collector.

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