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Police Car Real Cop Simulator


Your tasks in Police Car Real Cop Simulator

Police Car Real Cop Simulator is an exciting driving game in which you play as a policeman. Drive your car to go around the city to complete missions.

If you are a big fan of City Driver: Destroy Car, this game is the best choice. In this game, you will transform into a policeman whose mission is to patrol the city and protect security. Let's enter your police car and drive it to go around the city now. While you are patrolling, you will accept the call. You are asked to complete different missions, so accept them and start to do your tasks now. Here are some tasks in this game.

  • Collecting coins: Your first mission is to go around the city and gather the target number of coins.
  • Getting a high drift score: Your second task is to get a high drift score. You must try to drift as many times as possible to earn many points and coins.
  • Battling with criminals: The criminals will attack citizens, so you need to find and fight against them. You can use your gun or baton to defeat all criminals.

After completing these missions, you will be rewarded with many coins. You can use the coins to purchase new police cars in the garage.

How to control

Use the WASD keys to guide the policeman to move around.

Use the spacebar to control the policeman to jump.

Hold the Shift key to guide the policeman to sprint or raise the speed of the car.

Use a Q key to accept the call.

Use an E to start the engine.

Scroll the mouse wheel to switch your weapons.

Click the right mouse button to aim at criminals.

Click the left mouse button to fire your gun or punch.

Use an F key to enter or exit the police car.

Use an H key to turn on or off the police siren.

Use an I key to open the playing instruction.

Use a P key to pause the game.