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Poor Bunny


Addictive gameplay of Poor Bunny

Do you want to join an exciting adventure in Poor Bunny? Let's help a hungry bunny to search for carrots in the forest which hides many hazards.

The hunt for food

In this game, your adorable rabbit companion is desperately craving a satisfying meal. It's up to you to feed the bunny with delicious carrots that rain down from the sky. As the carrots fall, you must take control of the bunny's movements, skillfully maneuvering it left and right to gather as many carrots as possible. Keep an eye out for the coveted golden carrots, which hold greater value than their regular counterparts.

While the forest may seem inviting, it is teeming with hidden dangers that pose a threat to our furry protagonist. To survive in this treacherous environment, you must be vigilant and cautious. Various hazards lurk throughout the forest, including arrows descending slowly from the sky, swinging balls that can strike if you venture too close, spiky balls moving in a zig-zag pattern, cannons that launch iron balls, and buzzsaws that roam and vanish after a short duration. Avoiding these hazards is crucial to prolonging your bunny's journey and achieving a high score.

How to control


Use the left-right keys to guide the rabbit to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to guide the rabbit to jump.


Use the A-D keys to guide the rabbit to move left or right.

Use a W key to control the rabbit to jump.

Playable game modes of Poor Bunny

This game introduces an array of captivating game modes to amplify the thrill and cater to diverse play styles:

  • 1P Mode: Embark on a solitary adventure, collecting carrots as the sole rabbit traversing the forest. Challenge yourself to achieve the highest attainable score.
  • 2P Mode: Extend an invitation to a friend and engage in a cooperative carrot hunt. Collaborate as a team, skillfully navigating obstacles and collecting carrots until both rabbits encounter an unfortunate mishap. Cooperation is key to maximizing your carrot-gathering potential.
  • VS Mode: Engage in a spirited competition against a friend, racing to collect carrots. The competition concludes when one of the rabbits succumbs to a forest trap. Strive to outpace your opponent, amassing more carrots to emerge victorious.