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Raft Life


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Raft Life is an endless survival game developed by Boombit. Cut trees to collect as many wood logs as possible and sell them to earn a lot of gold coins.

The gameplay of this game is inspired by the famous novel Robinson Crusoe. In this game, you will transform into Robinson who is on an isolated island. At first, this island was really small. There is only one coconut tree and a wooding shop on this island. You must cut the trees to collect wooden logs. Then, run to the wooding shop to sell these wooden logs to earn as many coins as possible. You can use these coins to unlock new zones to expand the island. When the island becomes larger, there are more coconut trees. If you want to cut these trees faster and earn more coins, you should hire a seal that will assist you in cutting trees and selling wood. Besides selling wood, you can go fishing to catch the fish. Selling fish also helps you earn many coins.

Sometimes, the sharks will appear and attack your island. They will destroy some zones of your islands. You must find a way to chase them away. After the sharks leave, you must use your coins to repair the destroyed zones. Finally, this game features many daily tasks. Open the task list and try to complete all assigned tasks to obtain more diamonds. Come on! Play this game now to start your new life on an isolated island. Besides, if you have free time, you should try playing Geometry Dash Lite which is the most awesome game on our website.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the character to move around.

Interesting features of Raft Life

The shop

There are two shops in this game. In the skin shop, you can buy many items such as headwear, dresses, and skateboards. They have different designs and colors. Another shop sells many coins and diamonds. You can use your real money to exchange many diamonds. Then, use your diamonds to purchase many coins in this shop.

Daily rewards

If you sign in to this game every day, you will claim many daily rewards. Here is the list of daily rewards in this game.

  • Day 1: On the first day, you will claim 2000 coins.
  • Day 2: If you continue to play this game, you will get a hat.
  • Day 3: On the third day, you will obtain 50 diamonds.
  • Day 4: The reward of the fourth day is also 50 diamonds.
  • Day 5: The reward of the fifth day is a skateboard.
  • Day 6: On the final day, you will get 100 diamonds.