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Rolling Ball


Journey of a ball

Rolling Ball is a game that needs your ingenuity. You will guide a ball through a special and dangerous path. The ball can fall into the air at any time.

Dangerous road

Your ball needs to go through a path with obstacles and its width is also very small. With just one wrong move, you will have to start that level. Time will be unlimited so you can move slowly. This is your opportunity to challenge your agility and dexterity.

Intuitive controls

You just need to use the arrow keys to control the ball forward, roll back or move left or right. Combine them fluently and you can conquer this game. There are many other games with simple control. One of them is Om Nom Run where you control a cute character run on a road with tons of obstacles.

Lead the ball to the end in Rolling Ball

The game offers different levels with different difficulties. Obstacles may be repositioned or the path may be divided by gaps. You need to overcome them and keep the ball going to the end of the line.

Break barriers

You will see boxes blocking the road. At this point, you just need to control the ball to hit them. Use momentum to knock them over. Otherwise, they will probably knock your ball into the air.

Collect the keys

Every path has a key. You just need to go through them to get the key and unlock the destination. Thus, you can complete a level. In some levels, you need to go through a checkpoint. If the ball falls into the air, you can continue your journey at the last checkpoint.