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Run 3


Run 3 is an adventure filled with running, and jumping. Don't let the character fall into space. This endless journey will test your skills.

Learn about sections in Run 3

Many players consider this game to be very simple. However, this game is designed with many sections which serve the gamers.

Many modes

In this running game, you have a chance to experience 3 modes which are main levels, adventures, and infinite modes. In the main levels, you will start at level 1 and unlock each level one by one. Conquering higher levels means that you must encounter more challenges The infinite mode will mix the levels into an endless road. You will run and run until your character falls into the gaps. Finally, the adventure mode allows you to move through the space tunnel and discover different paths and hidden areas.

Variety of characters

You can find a lot of characters in this game. The main characters are the fun alien instead of geometry as in Geometry Dash Lite. These characters must be unlocked to use. You can pass certain levels to use these characters. Each of them has unique abilities such as high jumping, double jumping, wall running, etc


When you run for a certain distance, you will get some points. These points are used to identify your rank on the leaderboard. If you get a high score, your name may appear on this leaderboard. To complete this task, it's very hard because you have to compete with all players around the world. Good luck!

Game rules in Run 3

You have to understand the game rules before you conquer the game.

Avoid falling

You need to keep the character safe because the galaxy is very dangerous. To ensure the character's safety, he must move on the platforms. If he falls into the gaps, the game will end. Therefore, it's better to focus on the character's movement.

Go through the obstacles

In this game, people have to face some challenges such as gaps, weak platforms, or rotating platforms. Control the character and overcome them by jumping or moving sideways. It's better to observe the coming paths and make a quick plan for them.

Reach the destination

You need to go through the endpoint to pass a level. When you reach these destinations, you can progress to the next level. Of course, this feature isn't available in the infinite mode. Hope you can conquer all levels in this game.

Game control: use arrow keys to play this game.