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Run Run Duck


Run Run Duck takes you on the adventure of a yellow duck. She needs to find a golden egg. Many challenges and enemies prevent her from completing the mission.

Complete many levels in Run Run Duck

This game offers levels from easy to difficult for you. You just need to find the yellow egg. After that, you have completed the mission and progress to the next level. Golden eggs will appear at the end of the path. This means that your duck only needs to complete the distance and you are sure to win.

Avoid the dangers

Problems will continually appear along the way. You will help the duck solve them. Dangers such as gaps, lava blocks, or enemies can directly threaten the duck's life. Control your duck to jump over lava, gaps, or slime monsters. If you encounter slimes, you can also jump on top of them to defeat them. The duck's life number is 3. Therefore, you need to be very careful in every step.

Collect items and power-ups

Getting the golden egg is the most important goal, but you can also collect other items. They can be coins or power-ups. Coins may appear along the way. However, they and power-ups are often hidden in blocks. You need to break these blocks for items to appear. Power-ups can make characters stronger, run faster, and jump higher. However, their effects only last for a short period. Power-ups can make characters stronger, run faster, and jump higher. However, their effects only last for a short period. Take advantage of it to travel as far as possible.

Some main features in Run Run Duck

This game has simple controls while the gameplay is really attractive. Now, we will uncover the features that attract many players.

Visual and Audio Effects

The game may feature visually appealing graphics and animations, creating an immersive and engaging environment for players. Additionally, sound effects and background music enhance the overall gaming experience, making it more enjoyable.

Many levels with limited time

Many levels with different difficulties are waiting for you in the game. The level of difficulty will increase with your experience. Can you pass all levels? Each level has a time limit. Don't waste a second. You will lose when the time ends without collecting the golden egg.

Familiar gameplay

It doesn't take you too much time to understand the rules of the game. This gameplay can be found in many running games such as Geometry Dash Lite. Moving forward and avoiding obstacles is what you need to do in these games.

Game control: use arrow keys to control the duck.