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Shell Shockers Bad Egg


The battle of eggs and chickens

Shell Shockers Bad Egg is a survival game where the main character is an egg. You need to destroy the chickens to survive within 10 minutes.

Human wars like Apple Night have become so familiar and popular. You want to find a newer topic. That's why you should choose this game. With gameplay focusing on survival, you need to be very skillful to escape enemies. Your enemies in this game are colorful chickens. The evil egg has broken into the chicken coop and it needs help.

Survive for 10 minutes in Shell Shockers Bad Egg

The time limit in this game is 10 minutes. This is quite a long period of time. By all means, you must fight the enemy during this time.

Move wisely

In shooting survival games, every move is very important. You must help the character move to safe locations. The thing to make sure is to stay away from the chickens because they try to approach you to attack you. Staying away from enemies is also a good way to avoid getting hit when you reload.

Level up the abilities

The evil egg has many great fighting abilities. You need to gradually unlock them and upgrade them by leveling the character up. To do this, collect the golden eggs. These golden eggs will help the character's EX increase. When you have enough EX, you can choose 1 of 3 upgrades for your character.

Purchase upgrades for the egg character

You will see many features that need to be upgraded in the shop. These features will be default from the beginning of the battle. They can be hard-boiled (+10% hit points per level), fry power (+10% extra damage per level), lucky egg, speedloader, etc. Each of them brings different benefits to you. Of course, you need some gold eggs to buy these upgrades.