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Slope Run


A new journey in the galaxy

Slope Run is an endless running game where you will see a vast universe. Your ball will fall if you don't control it skillfully. I hope you have fun moments!

The vast galaxy always hides many secrets. Are you ready to explore? This game takes on the beautiful setting of a galaxy with lots of bright stars. You can play while looking at these stars. However, don't focus too much on the surrounding scenery and forget your mission. You have to keep your ball safe. Besides this game, you also can join other journeys in Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse.

Overcome the routes in the game Slope Run

The terrain you have to navigate is in a tunnel that is made up of many platforms. Many difficulties will appear as you move. In this game, you need to react quickly and choose the right path.

Select mode

The game offers two different modes including mini map and infinite mode. You will have to participate in an endless race if you choose infinite mode. In mini map mode, you will have the opportunity to explore different planets in this game. Each planet will have a certain number of levels. You just need to move the ball to the end of the path to pass a level.

Platforms in this game

You will see a lot of platforms in this game. There will be many types of platforms. Some platforms are quite sturdy to move on. However, the number of platforms is the challenge in this game.

  • Weak platforms have the same color as dry land. They will fall as soon as the ball touches them.
  • Changing color platforms are special types. It doesn't hurt or help you. They have the feature of changing the color of the ball.
  • Gaps are the distances between platforms. They are the dangers that you need to evade at all costs. Falling into gaps will cause the game to end immediately.