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Sticky Run


The highlights of Sticky Run

The mechanics of the game

Welcome to Sticky Run where you can conquer the challenging mission. The game allows you to navigate a soot character while avoiding many traps.

The extremely attractive run is waiting for you. You will join this game and try to control your character. First, you need to clearly understand the game's mechanics. Your character can stick to the surfaces of the track. which means your character can slide both the top way and bottom way. Second, there are many obstacles placed on the track. These include energy balls, spikes, and clubs. They will force you to stop playing if you collide with them. You need to be skillful to control your character. You need to help it move quickly between two ways to continue the race. Finally, you need to collect many diamonds. They show your qualifications and abilities. To get the diamonds, you need to change the character's position. Then, it can gather the diamonds. You also need to be careful unless you collide with traps.

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You can use the left mouse button to control your character. Click to exchange the character's position. The game also improves your tapping speed. In addition, you can practice many times to become the master of the game. It is best if you can come up with some wise strategies. They will help you dodge the hazardous obstacles better.

Exchange the characters in Sticky Run

Soot known as Soot Sprites or Dust Bunnies, are delightful little creatures that make appearances in various Ghibli films, such as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Soot Spirits are small, black, fuzzy creatures with round bodies and big round eyes. They are mischievous and curious beings that tend to inhabit dark, dusty places. In My Neighbor Totoro, they can be found in the attic of the house, while in Spirited Away, they work in the boiler room of the bathhouse. So, they are the inspiration for the game. If you want to exchange them, you can use your diamond to do it. There are many eye-catching waiting for you. You should own them to have an amusing experience. Could you unlock all of them?