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Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 requires you to run on an endless road that contains many valuable artifacts. The main objective is to run as far as possible in this game.

How to play Temple Run 2

Are you ready to challenge your agility? Your character always runs forward and you have to navigate him. This game reminds me of Geometry Dash Lite where characters also move automatically.

Dodge obstacles

The road not only has valuable items but you also see many deadly obstacles such as tree roots, flames, gaps, etc. You can jump, slide, or change lanes to avoid them. Many collisions can cause failure. Estimating the distance and right time to perform the above actions is very necessary. You only get one wrong move that can lead to the end game.

Collect coins and power-ups

Let's keep an eye out for coins scattered along the path! These coins can be used to buy power-ups and upgrades later. Look at the power-up bar on the screen. When you get enough coins, this power bar is full. Then, you can press the spacebar to activate it which causes your character to accelerate and become invincible.

Use the special abilities

There are many special abilities designed into the items on the road. You just collect them to use. For example, you can see a magnet that can help you collect the coins from far distances. These abilities can bring temporary advantages to you. Therefore, you should take advantage of them until they're disabled.

List main environments in Temple Run 2

  • Pirate Cove's background depicts a coastal scene with rocky cliffs, sandy shores, and pirate ships sailing in the distance. The dynamic background elements bring the pirate theme to life, creating a sense of excitement and adventure.
  • In the Jungle Ruins environment, the background features towering ancient ruins covered in vegetation, dense jungles with tall trees, and glimpses of sunlight breaking through the foliage.
  • Demon Monkey Cove's background showcases a fiery and lava-filled landscape with towering volcanoes, bubbling lava pits, and ominous clouds. The background elements emphasize the dangerous and mythical nature of this environment, enhancing the intensity of the gameplay.
  • Blazing Sands presents a background that showcases a vast desert landscape with sand dunes, rocky formations, and a distant oasis. The scorching sun and heat waves give the environment a harsh and challenging atmosphere.

Game control: use the arrow keys to play this game.